19 May 2014


I was at Edcamp Philly this weekend and after making one of my typically crazy ideas I was met with the usual 'well I can't do that in my building.  My principal will never go for it.'
Here's what I know: education is in a weird downward spiral. Those that are controlling the system have forgotten what learning is and what school could be. We are focused on the wrong type of student outcomes. And it is not going to get better.


Unless someone like you cares an awful lot. Cares about kids more than tests. Cares about learning more than grades. Cares more about making a change than the status quo. Cares more about doing what's right for kids than what others think about them.

Nothing is going to change. Nothing is going to get better.


Unless we make it happen ourselves.

--Thank you, Dr. Seuss, for the inspiration!