02 January 2014

Make Today Count

One year ago, I came across the following video on Twitter:
I LOVED IT!!  Right after seeing this (I think it was the next day) I saw someone make a tweet and tagged it with #maketodaycount.  I decided my students needed more inspiration on a daily basis.  Next to my door, I decided to mount one of the personal whiteboards from class, wrote an inspirational quote with #maketodaycount underneath it, and took a picture of it with Instagram.  I then posted the picture to Facebook, Twitter and Flikr with the comment "Today's Words of Awesome. #maketodaycount"
I didn't know the impact this board would have.  A security guard told me he made sure that my hallway was the first one he came through in the morning so he could text his wife what the day's quote was; I accidentally repeated one quote (it was a really good one!) and a teacher flipped out on me; a former student created a Pinterest page of my quotes; another former student told me that when she gets up for work she looks for my #maketodaycount quote to get her started; students I don't even have follow me on Instagram so they can keep up on the quotes.  

I wanted to share the slideshow of all of the #maketodaycount quotes from my Flickr account.  Enjoy!