24 March 2012

Definition of School

A student came to me begging not to do the Flipped Classroom in the 4th marking period.  After going back and forth over why, the only real reason we came up with was that procrastination had taken over and now she was thoroughly stressed out.  I explained that the assignment sheets I give outlines exactly how she could manage when to do each assignment over the course of the unit so if she sticks to the approximate schedule she should be fine.  Her response is what really frightened me.  She said

"I want you to tell me what to do each day and what to learn.  Isn't that the definition of school?"

Really?  REALLY?!  Is that what we are teaching students?  A social studies teacher-colleague of mine used to tell his students to check their rights at the door.  When did schools post "Check your brain at the door"?  

I think we need to change the definition of school.